Where Can You Buy a Calculator That Does Math Fractions?


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Some online stores like Wal-Mart, SchoolMart and School Outfitters have calculators that do math fractions. Wal-Mart sells the Casio FX-65 fraction calculator that is suitable for elementary and junior high school students, while School Outfitters has the See 'N' Solve calculator that is useful for children whoare 6 years oldand older.

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The See "N' Solve calculator has keys marked numerator and denominator and also includes an activity guide.The Casio FX-65, which is a solarpowered calculator that can also use batteries as a back-up, also has other features like conversion of fractions to decimalsand percentages, as well as logarithmic and trigonometric functions. SchoolMart is another online store that carriesthe Casio FX-65 Fraction Mate overhead,Casio FX-55 Fraction Mate Overhead, See 'N' Solve andtheTexas Instruments TI-15 fraction calculators.

The Casio FX-55 Fraction Mate Overhead displays the numerator over the denominator and many other features like a key to simplify or reduce fractions, conversion of decimals to fractions and integer division. The Casio FX-65 Fraction Mate also can perform fraction math, but it has more features then the FX-55. These other featuresinclude arandom number generator, evaluation of scientific functions and many others.All these calculators are reasonably priced and can be ordered online.

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