Where Can You Find a 100 X 100 Multiplication Chart?

NCalculators.com, BestTimesTable.com and HelpingWithMath.com all have 100-by-100 multiplication charts. The numbers the same in all the charts; 25 x 72 always equals 1800. The NCalculators chart is available in downloadable PDF form. Both it and the Helping With Math chart are printable.

The NCalculators chart is scrollable. Clicking on a red number that begins a column or row brings up a multiplication chart for that number, though it only goes up to 50. Clicking on 86 brings up a chart showing 86 x 0 through 86 x 50. Users can enter two numbers to create their own multiplication charts, which they can then print or view as PDFs. BestTimesTable offers a game in which players must look up solutions to problems such as 35 x 53.

Users can show or hide numbers in HelpingWithMath's chart to make it easier to view. The website also offers worksheets, flashcards and other math activities.