What Are Some Calculus Classes You Can Take Online?

What Are Some Calculus Classes You Can Take Online?

Learners can take calculus courses online through Massachusetts Institute of Technology, San Francisco State University, University of California in Berkeley or Brigham Young University. These courses range from introductory offerings to specific, advanced focuses.

San Francisco State University offers a four-semester credit calculus course online. The class introduces students to derivatives and integrals, two fundamental concepts that allow them to describe the behavior of functions. Students who take this course receive access to video lectures and notes. They can discuss their homework problems on a live forum that the teaching staff moderates. Students from around the world who satisfy the course’s prerequisite requirements can take this class.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers single-variable calculus, multi-variable calculus, calculus with applications, calculus with theory and advanced calculus for engineers.

Brigham Young University offers an introductory calculus class online for four units. Students have to complete college algebra and geometry before they can register for this class. The course covers integral and differential calculus. Students who take this course learn limits, extrema and L'Hopital's Rule. They also learn exponential growth and decay.

Students can complete a calculus course online through University of California in Berkeley to earn four semester units. They need to have completed trigonometry and analytic geometry to register in the course. The course covers the primary applications of derivatives in the optimization of functions. It also introduces students to the fundamental theorem of calculus.