What Is in "Calculus 3 for Dummies"?

For Dummies does not publish a book called "Calculus 3 for Dummies" as of 2014. Similar titles available from the For Dummies brand include "Calculus II for Dummies" and "Differential Equations for Dummies." Research & Education Association publishes "The Essentials of Calculus III," and W.H. Freeman & Company publishes "How to Ace the Rest of Calculus: The Streetwise Guide."

According to the table of contents for "The Essentials of Calculus III," the book covers vector analysis, real valued functions, partial differentiation, multiple integration, vector fields and infinite series.

"How to Ace the Rest of Calculus" includes chapters on indeterminate forms and improper integrals, polar coordinates, infinite series, vectors, parametric curves in space, surfaces and graphing, functions and partial derivatives of several variables, multiple integrals, and vector fields.

"Differential Equations for Dummies" has four chapters on first order differential equations, four chapters on second and higher order differential equations, five chapters on advanced techniques, and two chapters with information about online tutorials and differential equation solving tools.

"Calculus II for Dummies" covers three chapters on introduction to integration, five chapters on indefinite integrals, two chapters on intermediate integration topics, three chapters on infinite series, two chapters on advanced topics, and two chapters with insights and test-taking tips.