Are There Any Free Calculators for Converting Percentages to Decimals?


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Calculator Soup and Rapid Tables offer free online calculators for converting percentages to decimals. Calculator Soup converts the entered percentage to a decimal, revealing the answer and the calculation of dividing the percentage by 100. The site also offers a reset button to quickly start another computation.

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Rapid Tables computes an answer by having the user enter a percentage and press the conversion button. This website also offers a reset button, allowing the calculation of another percentage. Underneath the calculator, Rapid Tables lists multiple examples that show how to manually change percentages to decimals by dividing the percentage by 100. The site also offers the reverse calculation of decimal to percentage conversions.

Additionally, Calculator Soup offers a quick and easy method to convert percentages to decimals without a calculator. The site shows this conversion by eliminating the percentage sign and moving the decimal point two spots to the left.

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