How Do You Calculate the Surface Area of a Right Cylinder?


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Take the height (h) and the radius of the base and lid (r). Use the formula 2?r^2 + 2?rh to get the surface area of a right cylinder.

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  1. Determine your variables

    In order to calculate the surface area of the right cylinder, you will need the height (represented as h in the formula) and the radius of the base and lid (represented as r).

  2. Compute the formulas

    The formula for the surface area of this cylinder is 2?r^2 + 2?rh, but factoring 2?r from each term, the simpler formula 2?r(r + h) is derived.

  3. Multiply the two terms to determine the surface area

    Once the terms in Step 2 are calculated, simple multiplication gives the answer.

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