How Do I Calculate Cumulative Averages?

The cumulative average is calculated by weighting each grade by the number of credits the course was worth. The calculation of a cumulative average is how you determine your grade point average in school. This requires you to have access to your transcript so that both the credits earned and the grade earned for each course are visible.

  1. Record the credit hours and grades

    Record the credit hours and the grades from your transcript for each course. Typically, an A is worth four points, a B is worth three points, a C is worth two points, a D is worth one point and an F isn't worth any points. In some systems, an F is worth negative points, so make sure to check the values your school uses.

  2. Calculate the total

    Add the total number of points from the grades you received. It may be best to calculate the totals separately and add them together. For example, if you received 8 credits worth of an A grade and six credits for a B, you would perform the following calculation: 8*4 + 6*3 = 50.

  3. Divide the total by credit hours

    Add up the total number of credit hours that you have taken and divide the calculation from the previous step by this number. From the previous step, you would have 14 credit hours and perform the following calculation: 50/14 = 3.57. The number that you get is your cumulative average.