What Is a Blank Organizational Chart?

What Is a Blank Organizational Chart?

A blank organizational chart is a hierarchical chart with blank spaces where the names of individuals or entities can be entered in a way that shows their relationships to other members of the hierarchy. The resulting chart illustrates how a company or organization is structured.

The typical corporate organization chart has a space for the CEO at the top, with spaces for other C-level executives below the CEO. The individuals' names are entered into the spaces. A line connects the CEO's space to each executive's space to show how the executive level branches off from the CEO.

Blank spaces for the heads of each division a particular executive manages are located below that executive's space. These spaces are linked to the executive’s with lines that show the division heads' relationships to their executive.

Spaces for each division head's direct reports are located beneath the direct reports' division heads, and those spaces are linked to the division heads' with lines to show how they're connected.

The process continues until each function or individual is accounted for. Once complete, the organization's highest level individual sits alone at the top, and the lowest level individuals’ spaces stretch across the bottom.

Although most of the chart shows the company's structure from the top down, lateral relationships can be illustrated by linking adjoining spaces with lines.