What Are the Benefits of Using a Calculator With a Fraction Button?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Calculator With a Fraction Button?

The benefits of using a calculator with a fraction button include the easy conversion of decimals to fractions and the use of mixed numbers without converting them to improper fractions. The option to use improper fractions is also a benefit, as well as the ability to perform algebraic fractions.

When working with fractions using a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator, the fraction button can easily convert decimals into fractions. Choose the fraction option from the Math menu. Enter the decimal, and press the Enter button. The answer is always displayed as a fraction, even if it is in improper form.

To enter mixed numbers, choose the fraction option and enter each fraction in individual sets of parentheses. Use a plus sign between the whole number and the fraction to convey that it is a mixed number. Place the sign that indicates the problem's action—subtraction, addition, division or multiplication—between the sets of parentheses. Hit Enter to display the fraction.

Mixed numbers can also be entered as improper fractions. Instead of using parentheses, convert all mixed numbers into improper fractions and use the division slash to indicate sets of fractions.

When dealing with algebraic fractions, enter the numerator first, followed by the division slash. If the algebraic symbol is in the denominator, enter it right next to the number with parentheses around the set. Hit enter to display the answer as a decimal.