How Do You Find the Area of a Triangle?

How Do You Find the Area of a Triangle?

Find the area of a triangle using the formula (b x h)/2. You need the value of "b," or base, and "h," or height.

  1. Determine the base

    Pick one side of the triangle, and determine its length. This is the base.

  2. Determine the height

    Measure the perpendicular distance from the base to the vertex opposite it. This is the height.

  3. Multiply base by height

    Multiply the base of the triangle by its height.

  4. Find the area

    Using the formula for finding the area of a triangle, divide the product of base and height by 2. If the base is 4 centimeters and the height is 5 centimeters, then the area is (4 x 5)/2, or 10 square centimeters.