What Is the Area of a Triangle?


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The area of a triangle is found by multiplying one-half times its base times its height. According to Wolfram Mathworld, Beyer and Baker there are 110 formulas for the area of a triangle.

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The area of a surface is the amount of material needed to "cover" it completely. Knowing the area of a backyard is needed for reseeding or sod installation. Knowing the area of one's roof is required to purchase the correct number of shingles. Painting a room and laying pavers also require area calculations. The formula for calculating the area of a triangle is given by A = 1/2• b•h, where "A" is the area, "b" is the base and "h" is the height. If a triangle has a base of 20 meters and a height of 12 meters, the area is given by 1/2 • 20 meters • 12 meters, which yields 120 square meters.

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