How Do You Find the Area of an Object?

area-object Credit: Mandy Disher Photography/Moment/Getty Images

To calculate area, first determine the shape of the object. Next, apply the correct formula is needed, and substitute the values into the appropriate places. Finally, the equation should be solved to find the number that represents the area.

  1. Identify the shape of the object

    First, determine what kind of shape the object is. It could be a rectangle, circle, triangle or other shape. This can be done visually or by reading a word problem.

  2. Choose the correct formula

    Select the appropriate formula to use with the shape of the object. For example: The area of a rectangle is length times width, and the area of a circle is the value of pi multiplied by the radius squared.

  3. Substitute the correct values

    The values needed should either be given or measured. For example, the value of pi is a mathematical constant. The radius of a circle can be measured or it can be given. It is the length from the center to the edge.

  4. Solve the equation

    After substituting the correct values, solve the problem. Don't forget to include the units used, which for area, are square units. For example, if a rectangle has a length of 3 inches and a width of 2 inches, then we know the area of that rectangle is 6 square inches.