How Do You Find Answers for Long Division Problems?


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To find answers for long division problems, start by dividing the dividend, from left to right, with the divisor. Multiply the whole number answer with the divisor, and subtract it from the number you just divided into. Bring down the next number of the dividend, and repeat the same process until you get to the last number of the dividend.

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For the division problem 23,651 divided by 24, the dividend is 23,651 and the divisor is 24. Since you cannot divide the first number, which is 2, and the first two numbers, which are 23, with the divisor and get a whole number quotient result, you have to start with the first three numbers, 236. Divide 236 by 24 to get a whole number quotient of 9. Place the 9 at the top of the division bracket, and multiply it with the divisor to get 216. Subtract 216 from 236 to get a remainder of 20. Bring down the next number to get a new target of 205.

Divide 205 by 24 to get a whole number quotient of 8. Place the 8 to the right of 9 at the top of the division bracket. Multiply 8 by 24 to get 192, and subtract it from 205 to get 13. Bring down the last number to create a new target of 131. Divide 131 by 24 to get 5. Multiply 5 by 24 to get 120, and subtract it from 131 to get 11. Since there is no other number in the dividend, the answer to this long division problem is 985 with a remainder of 11.

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