How Do You Find the Angle of a Triangle?

How Do You Find the Angle of a Triangle?

Angle measurement as it pertains to studying mathematics is accomplished using a protractor, the center of which is lined up with the intersection of the angle to be measured. One line of the triangle is lined up with the bottom line of the protractor and the other line gives the angle.

  1. Gather the necessary tools

    Get a protractor, a pencil and the paper on which the triangle is found.

  2. Prepare the triangle

    If the triangle is smaller than the size of the protractor, extend the lines of the triangle so that the triangle is the size of the protractor. This is done by using the straight edge of the protractor to trace a straight line.

  3. Measure the angle

    Place the center point of the protractor on the angle intersection. This point is on the straight part of the protractor and is usually indented or marked with a dot. Line up one line of the triangle with the line extending from the center. The other line will point at the angle measurement.