For What Age Range Are BrainPOP Jr. Games Appropriate?


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On the BrainPOP Jr. website, it states that its games and movies are suitable for children grades K-3. This makes BrainPOP Jr. appropriate for children aged 5 to 8.

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BrainPOP Jr. is a website which creates animated educational content for children in grades K-3. The site was created in 2006 as a version of the original BrainPOP for younger children, and it includes topics such as the food pyramid, allergies and telling the time. It is a subscription-based service that can be purchased for personal use or for use in classrooms, school and throughout school districts.

BrainPOP was created in 1999 by Avraham Kadar, M.D. In 2006, a Spanish version of BrainPOP was launched.

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