Are There Advanced Calculators Available Online?


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Meta-Calculator and Alcula offer advanced calculators online. Meta-Calculator provides users access to graphing, scientific, matrix and statistics calculators. Alcula, however, provides one scientific calculator that supports many operators, functions and constants, such as trigonometric and statistical functions.

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Meta-Calculator's graphing calculator allows users to graph equations, find their intersections and create a table of values. The scientific calculator solves trigonometric functions, inverses, logs and permutations and combinations. The matrix calculator adds, multiplies and transposes matrices. Lastly, the statistics calculator computes standard deviations, correlation coefficients, regressions and T-Tests.

Alcula's scientific calculator comes with an online instruction manual to assist users with its use. The website explains that it is a formula calculator and users enter expressions in the same order as they would on paper, with parentheses specifying parameters. The calculator displays the answers as fractions.

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