What Activities Can I Do When Teaching Addition and Subtraction for Kindergarten?

activities-can-teaching-addition-subtraction-kindergarten Credit: Laurie Sullivan/CC-BY-2.0

At the kindergarten level, it is best to teach addition and subtraction through activities that resemble games. These can be done individually or as a group. Some activities may be related to a theme, such as a holiday.

According to Math-Salamanders.com, children in kindergarten should be able to read, write and count up to 25, as well as be able to perform operations with numbers up to 10. Worksheets with familiar images can be used to teach addition and subtraction. One example of this is a sheet with different dominoes that asks children to count the dominoes and write the correct answer on the blank.

Education.com suggests an Easter egg race as a group activity to help kindergartners learn basic math. The children find the number of eggs corresponding to the correct answer to the addition or subtraction problem. Place Easter eggs in two separate piles in a field or playground. Divide the children in two lines several yards from the piles. Give each child a bag or basket big enough to hold several eggs. Shout out a math problem without giving the answer. For example, yell, "Three plus two!" The children should then run to the piles, retrieve the correct number of eggs and return to the line. The winner in each race is the child who returns first with the correct number of eggs.