What Is 94 in Roman Numerals?


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The Roman numeral equivalent for the number 94 is XCIV. The Roman numeral system employs letters rather than actual numbers. In many cases, a number must be broken down into parts in order to write its Roman numeral equivalent.

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The Roman numeral basic units for numbers up to 100 are as follows: I is equal to one, V is equal to five, X is equal to 10, L is equal to 50 and C is equal to 100. A letter is only allowed to appear in succession three times.

Since the number 94 would be written LXXXXIIII, another rule must be used. If a lower-valued letter appears before a higher-valued letter, the lower value is subtracted from the higher value. Thus, since the number 90 is equal to 100 minus 10, it is written XC. The X before the C means ten less than 100. The number four is equal to five minus one, so it is written IV.

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