What Is 5/6 As a Decimal?


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The fraction 5/6 as a decimal is approximately 0.83. The decimal number system has the ability to write any number, even ones that are not whole numbers, by using a decimal point. Each number to the right of the decimal place can be divided by 10 and can also be written as a fraction.

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What Is 5/6 As a Decimal?
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Fractions can be easily converted into a decimal number using a calculator. If one is not available, the fraction can be converted manually using multiplication. First, the denominator, which is the (number at the bottom, is multiplied any number so that the result is a number made up of a 1 followed by 0s, such as 10, 100 or 1000. For example, in the fraction 3/4, the 4 can be multiplied by 25 to get 100. Next, the numerator, which is the top number, is multiplied by the same number. For 3/4, the 3 is multiplied by 25 to result in 75, which gives the fraction 75/100. Last, the top number is written along and the decimal is place the number of digits to the right that equals the number of 0s in the bottom number. Since 100 has 2 0s, the decimal is written as 0.75.

Some fractions cannot be converted into exact decimals. For example, 5/6 is equal to 0.83333, where the 3 is repeated an infinite number of times. In this case, the decimal can be rounded to 0.83.

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