What Is 47 in Roman Numerals?

The Roman numeral equivalent of the number 47 is XLVII. The Roman numeral system uses letters and combinations of letter to represent numbers. The basic Roman numerals representing numbers up to 50 are as follows: I equals one, V equals five, X equals 10 and L equals 50.

All numbers up to 50 are made with a combination of these letters. It is important to remember that the maximum number of times a letter appears in succession is three. Because of this, an alternate system is used when a letter would appear four times in succession. When a lower-value number precedes a higher-value number, the lower-value number is subtracted from the higher-value number. The Roman numeral for 47 is written by breaking the number down into 40 + 7. The number 40 is written as XL, which is equal to 50 - 10, since four 10s in succession is not allowed. The number seven is written as VII, which is 5 + 2.