What Is 37.5 As a Fraction?


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The number 37.5 is expressed as 37 1/2 in simplified terms or 75/2 as a fraction. In simplified form, the 0.5 equals .50 and can be written as 5/10. The fraction 5/10 is simplified further to 1/2, by using 5 as the common factor for both the numerator and denominator.

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Once simplified, 37 1/2 is a mixed number, with a whole number and a fraction.

In order to write the answer entirely as a fraction, multiply 37 by the denominator of 2, and then add the numerator of 1. The product of 37 times 2, plus 1, equals 75, which is placed over the denominator of 2, and written as 75/2.

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