What Are 2 Liters Equal To?

Two liters are equal to 2 cubic decimeters, or a volume of space measuring 20 centimeters by 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters. A liter is a unit of volume used in the metric system, so 2 liters can also be converted into other measurements of volume.

Since liters are part of the metric system, conversions to other metric units can be done by multiplying or dividing by multiples of 10. For example, 2 liters are equivalent to 2,000 milliliters, 20 deciliters, 0.2 decaliters or 0.002 kiloliters. Liters can also be converted to non-metric units. For example, 2 liters are equal to 2.11 U.S. quarts or 0.52 U.S. gallon.