What Are Some Zone 6 Ornamental Trees?


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Many types of ornamental trees thrive in Zone 6. You can choose deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the fall, or evergreen trees. It is best to consider the size of the tree at maturity when planting. Plant smaller trees closer to your home and taller trees farther out.

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Some small trees that grow well in Zone 6 include the Japanese maple and the Chinese dogwood. Japanese maple trees are perfect for the beginning gardener because they are so easy to grow. They require very little care once they are established, and their rich, red foliage is quite beautiful. Chinese dogwoods have white flowers in the spring and breathtaking red foliage in the fall.

A good medium-sized tree for Zone 6 is the crabapple. It has pink flower buds in the spring and fragrant white blossoms. Later, it produces small apples that attract many birds. The crabapple requires direct sunlight daily.

The Callery pear and saucer magnolia are two larger ornamental trees that do well in this zone. The pear tree grows quickly, with small white flowers in spring. However, some people are not fond of the pear tree blooms' aroma. The magnolia is an early bloomer with pale pink flowers, and it has a lovely structure with low, spreading branches.

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