What Are Some Zone 5 Shrubs for Shade?


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A few good USDA Hardiness zone 5 shade loving shrubs include the serviceberry, the bottlebrush buckeye, Japanese pieris, dogwood and Virginia sweetspire, according to Birds and Blooms. These are all shown to be hardy in zone 5.

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The serviceberry has good fall color, spring flowering and edible berries. It grows four to six feet tall and is also known as the species amelanchier. The bottlebrush buckeye has foot-long panicles of blooms and changes from green leaves to yellow in the fall season. It grows up to 12 feet high and is known as the Aesculus parviflora species. The Japanese pieris has white or red blooms and an exotic look to it. It grows 9 to 12 feet high and is also known as Pieris japonica. The dogwood has plentiful summer leaves, lovely blooms that cover the shrub, and late fall and winter berries. It has a varied growth, ranging from 8 feet to 40 feet tall depending on the cultivar. Dogwoods are also known as the species cornus. The Virginia sweetspire has summer flowers that are fragrant and good fall color. It will grow 4 to 5 feet high and is also known as Itea virginica. Typically, it is pest and disease free.

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