What Are Ziploc Bags Made Of?

Regulation Ziploc storage and freezer bags are made from low density polyethylene, which is a plastic resin that is highly flexible and available in many different densities. Ziploc offers a wide variety of products, including sandwich bags, storage bags and locking storage containers.

Ziploc products are produced by S.C. Johnson & Son, though the Dow Chemical Company originally developed and tested the line before turning over production in 1968. R. Douglas Behr was a leading inventor and scientist in developing the line for many years, creating a highly efficient and speedy process for producing the plastic bags and making it possible for the product to be sold to consumers all over the world in a cost effective manner.

Ziploc has created an advanced line of storage bags with the Ziploc Evolve sandwich bag. It is made with 25 percent less plastic and manufactured using wind power. This product was deemed 'Best in Show' at the 2010 Best New Product Awards in Canada.

Until 1992, Ziploc had virtually no competition from other companies in the plastic bags and containers market. As of 2014, Glad is one of Ziploc's main competitors, along with Hefty and many other generic and private store brands.