What Are Some Do-It-Yourself Tips for Installing Kitchen Cabinets?

What Are Some Do-It-Yourself Tips for Installing Kitchen Cabinets?

Some do-it-yourself tips for installing kitchen cabinets include installing the wall cabinets first, measuring the space available and the cabinet size accurately, leveling the cabinets properly and attaching the cabinets securely to the wall studs. In addition, start by installing the corner cabinets and have assistance during the installation.

When installing kitchen cabinets, secure the wall cabinets first as this ensures that the base cabinets do not create an obstruction when working. Also, ensure that the wall is smooth and flat.

Measure the space available to obtain cabinets of the right size. Ensure that all the cabinet components are available, and if required, assemble them as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Install the cabinet boxes first, and then affix the doors, shelves and hardware.

To ensure that the cabinets are levelled, draw a parallel line at the required spot on the wall using a level. Draw lines to mark the top and bottom of the cabinets. Shim the cabinets to level them, and drill through the cabinets' back and the shims to secure them.

Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs, and mark them using a pencil. Identify the center of each stud. Install the corner cabinet first to position the other cabinets correctly. Secure the adjacent cabinets to each other using screws.

When installing the cabinets, screw them using a support rail, use a minimum of three screws per cabinet, and let the screw penetrate into the wall stud by a minimum of 1 1/2 inches.