What Are Some Free Do-It-Yourself Closet Design Suggestions?


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To design a home closet, decide on the amount of space needed to store clothing and accessories, and select closet components such as towers, rods, shelves and drawers. Place accessory components in easily accessible areas, and use plastic shelf liners to protect clothes made of delicate fabrics. Take measurements of the closet, and input them into an online closet organizing tool before purchasing closet components. Virtual closet design tools assist with creating parts lists that are useful while shopping.

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Mix component sizes with closet rods and shelving to accommodate various types of clothing and accessories. Use taller spaces to hang dresses and coats and shorter spaces to hang shirts, skirts and dress pants. Upper shelving is ideal for storing hats and purses. Shelves are useful for folded t-shirts, sweaters and jeans, and floor space is good for shoes.

Companies such as Easy Track assist consumers with closet design by offering online design tools. Users choose reach-in or walk-in closet designs. The reach-in design is ideal for the average narrow-spaced closet, while the walk-in design is suitable for larger closets. The reach-in design tool is for closets that are from 22 to 28 inches in depth. When selecting components, keep in mind that towers are usually 12 to 18 inches deep and range from 16 to 25 inches in width.

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