How Do You Get a Yellow Jacket Nest Out of the Wall of Your Home?

To remove a yellow jacket nest from inside an interior wall, locate the nest entrance, establish a decoy, pump diatomaceous earth into the nest, seal it with duct tape, and remove the nest. The supplies you need are a flashlight, diatomaceous earth, bellows, duct tape and protective clothing.

  1. Locate the entrance

    Inspect the nest while standing as far away from it as possible. Do not touch or disturb it. Note the location of its entrance hole.

  2. Establish a decoy

    Prop a flashlight near the nest, on one side of the entrance hole. Point the flashlight at the hole, and turn it on.

  3. Pump diatomaceous earth into the nest

    Fill a bellows sprayer with diatomaceous earth, and tear off a strip of duct tape. Approach the nest quietly, and stand near the entrance, on the opposite side to the flashlight . Point the bellows nozzle at the entrance hole, and pump the diatomaceous earth inside. Remove the bellows, and cover the entrance with duct tape. If any yellow jackets flew out of the nest before you sealed it, look for them around the flashlight. Spray them with diatomaceous earth, pick up the flashlight, and leave the room. Monitor the nest for several days, then if it remains quiescent, pull it out of the wall, and discard it.