What Are Some Yard Waste Removal Options?


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Some yard waste removal options include composting or mulching waste at home, hiring a removal service for pickup or dropping it off at a waste facility. Some cities offer free seasonal pick up programs for items, such as leaves and holiday trees, allowing residents to simply leave the waste on the curb.

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Composting biodegradable yard waste is a wonderful way to repurpose junk without having to haul it to a waste facility or pay for disposal. Composted grass clippings are handy for keeping soil moist and replenishing nutrients in the garden. Homeowners can break down larger items by feeding it through a mulching mower.

Hiring a removal service can be a good way to deal with yard waste without doing a lot of work. Removal costs and guidelines can vary between different services, so homeowners should always pay attention to the collector's requirements. Many landscapers also help dispose of yard waste. Options for pickup include landscaping services and local waste removal companies. Dropping off waste in person at a local facility is also a good option for getting rid of yard waste.

Many cities provide yard waste pickup services for seasonal waste. For example (as of 2015), Boston picks up leaf and other yard waste between April and December. St. Louis Park, Minnesota collects grass clippings, wood chips and other yard waste until late November free of charge. It also collects Christmas trees, wreathes and other holiday items after the holiday season. When disposing of yard waste through city waste disposal, homeowners should always pay attention to the city's guidelines.

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