How Do You Find Yard Sales in New Jersey?

How Do You Find Yard Sales in New Jersey?

There are several options for finding yard sales in New Jersey, including checking the local classified ads and finding signs posted in local neighborhoods. Also, checking websites like reveals many listings for yard sales.

There are other websites, such as and that can help locate yard sales. Use the following steps to find yard sales in New Jersey:

  1. Visit the desired website
  2. Use a Web browser to visit the website featuring yard sale information. These websites have public listings of yard sales in various parts of the state. Yard sale ads are either listed for free or for a small fee, depending on the site.

  3. Search the location
  4. After going to the chosen site, enter the location in which to search. An exact place can be pinpointed, or choose to search within a specified radius of the locale. This brings up a list of yard sales in that area.

  5. Enter a keyword
  6. Alternatively, enter a keyword with which to filter results. This can include a certain neighborhood or a specific item. After bringing up a list of results, read the information presented. Some of the titles can be clicked on to provide a more in-depth description. Be sure to note the dates and times of the yard sale as well as the address.