What Is a Yard of Pea Gravel?


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Gravel is measured in cubic yards, which is often shortened to "yards." A yard is a cube with three-foot sides. Pea gravel can be made of varying materials, and so its weight may vary. On average, a cubic yard of pea gravel weighs roughly 1,500 pounds.

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What Is a Yard of Pea Gravel?
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When transporting gravel, it is crucial to know both the carrying capacity of the vehicle and the weight of the gravel. Because gravel can vary in weight even from day to day as moisture levels change, with wet gravel substantially heavier than dry, it is important to weigh a sample of the material before loading it into a truck. Most gravel vendors have available a box of known size and weight that can be used to extrapolate the full weight of the load to be carried.

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