What Are Some Xeriscape Design Ideas?

What Are Some Xeriscape Design Ideas?

Some xeriscaping designs include vertical xeriscaping, xeriscaping in a small, enclosed space and xeriscaping using rocks, gravel and pavers. Another form of xeriscaping is using drought-resistant plants in a yard with no grass at all.

An impressive vertical xeriscape garden is grown in a niche in a wall and dominated by meticulously arranged succulents. The neutral color of the wall makes the largely blue, green and blue-green colors stand out.

Sometimes, a calamity can lead to new ideas, as was the case in a small xeriscape garden that was started after a storm damaged the homeowner's property. The sandy area, bordered on at least two sides by large sand-colored bricks, features only a few succulents, such as barrel cacti of different sizes, aloe and agave plants. However, the placement and spacing of the plants are so perfect that the garden itself looks like a work of art.

Another xeriscape garden is dominated by an area of pale stone slabs embedded in granite for a decidedly Japanese look. The aesthetically pleasing severity of the gray and white gravel and stone contrasts with the lushness of the bordering banana plants, succulents and grasses.

Yet another xeriscape garden does away with grass altogether and is filled with flowers and foliage for cutting. Though the plants are luxuriant, they still need less water than a lawn in the same space.