What Is an XB13 Heat Pump?


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An XB13 heat pump is an energy-efficient, single-stage heating and cooling system manufactured by Trane. The unit uses outside air to warm or cool a building. Because the XB13 moves heat instead of generating it, the system works best in moderate climates.

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The XB13 has an efficient seasonal energy efficiency ratio of up to 14.5 and a heating seasonal performance factor of up to 8.5. The unit costs less to operate than Trane's XR13 and XB14 heat pumps.

As of 2015, the XB13 comes in seven models. Dimensions are 29 to 41 inches high, 33 to 37 inches wide and 30 to 34 inches deep. Cooling capacity ranges from 17,000 to 58,500 British thermal units.

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