How Do You Know What Is Wrong With a Glacier Bay Faucet?

To troubleshoot a Glacier Bay faucet, begin by removing the aerator, or the small circular screened part, at the end of the water spout. Use slip-joint pliers if you are experiencing water flow restriction. Thoroughly clean the aerator and lubricate it before replacing it to see if the problem is solved. If not, inspect the nut on the spout, the handles, the shutoff nut, the water supply hose or the valve stem for water flow problems or leaks.

Many water leaks are repaired simply by tightening the nut at the base of the spout. Nuts become loose over time as the spout is used. To check the handles, first turn off the water supply by turning the individual shutoff valves under the sink. Remove the button caps on the handles using a flat head screwdriver, and then remove the screw in the middle with a Phillips head. Remove the washer to check for signs of wear, and replace it with a new one if needed.

Check the shutoff valves for a leak. If there is excess water, try turning the shutoff nut clockwise using an adjustable wrench. If this does not stop the leak, check the supply hoses for wear and tear. Replace them if there is a leak or a perforation.

If the handles are sticking or are too hard to twist on and off, there may be a water flow problem. Check the valve stem or cartridge for wear and tear. If they are causing an obstruction, replace whichever part is causing the problem.