What Are Wringer Washers?


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Wringer washers are early tub-style washing machines with a wringer, or mangle, made of a pair of opposing rollers mounted on one side. Washed clothes are removed from the tub and wrung out by hand, then rolled through the wringer to squeeze out the excess water.

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The earliest wringer washers were in use by the end of the 17th century. These machines were completely manual; clothing was scrubbed by hand or agitated in a hand-cranked tank, then put through the crank-operated mangle. Later models had a powered washing drum and mangle. The Upton Machine Co., later Whirlpool, invented the popular electric mangle, taking advantage of new electric-wired homes, writes Mary Bellis for About.com. When the washing machine with a power spin cycle and suspended drum became popular in the 1940s, the wringer washer became obsolete.

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