How Do You Wrap Silverware in a Napkin?

How Do You Wrap Silverware in a Napkin?

One of many ways to wrap silverware in a napkin is to create a pocket fold, which involves setting the silverware on the diagonal line of the napkin and folding in three of the corners. This method leaves the top of the silverware visible.

  1. Gather the materials

    Gather a knife, a spoon and a fork for each table setting. Choose a cloth napkin in a square shape for even folds.

  2. Lay out the silverware

    Place the napkin in front of you so that it is shaped like a diamond. Lay the silverware near the top center point. The bottom of the silverware needs to be about one-third from the bottom of the napkin. Arrange the silverware in this order: the fork on the left, the knife on the right and the spoon on top of the fork and knife, centered between the two.

  3. Make the folds

    Fold the bottom corner of the napkin upward so that the utensils are snug in the fold. Wrap the left corner of the napkin over the utensils so that the edge of the fork is nestled in the fold. Wrap the right corner of the napkin over the utensils, and place the excess underneath the back of the napkin. Add a napkin ring or decorative ribbon if desired.