Why Would I Want to Use Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloths?


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Flannel backed vinyl tablecloths are great to use, as they blend easily with virtually any setting and are available in numerous decorative designs and colors, according to Vinyl Tablecloth. They are attractive and create a warm, vibrant ambiance.

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Flannel backed vinyl tablecloths are also available in themed or personalized designs, including cartoon character prints suited for children and unique custom designs for birthday celebrations or wedding ceremonies. Moreover, vinyl tablecloths offer sturdy protection from scratches and spills for tables with sensitive surfaces, such as Formica. The flannel backs of these durable fabrics enable them to settle firmly on table tops, allowing items on top of a table to stay in place.

When purchasing a flannel backed fabric, buyers should check the shape and measurements of the table, as flannel backed tablecloths come in various sizes and shapes, including square and oval. These fabrics should be regularly washed and ironed to maintain their pristine condition. Laundry instructions on the label should be followed when washing them. When ironing the tablecloth, it is important to avoid adjusting the heat to ultra moderate, and only the flannel back side should be ironed, as vinyl is very sensitive to heat and can stick to a hot iron.

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