Who Would Use a Combi Oven?


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The main reasons a person would use a combi oven is to reduce food shrinkage, reduce flavor transfer between multiple foods, consistent cooking results, better taste and to be more energy efficient. Combi ovens have three functions: convection mode, steam and combination cooking.

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In convection mode, the combi oven circulates dry heat, which is ideal for baking pastries and breads. In steam mode, water is injected into the oven, ideal for poaching fish, rice and vegetables. The advantage of a combi oven is the combination mode, using both water injection and dry heat circulation. This method allows for very precise management of the amount of moisture in the food.

In combination mode, the user has the ability to control humidity levels anywhere from 0 to 100 percent. At 100 percent relative humidity, the user could cook at very high heat without shrinking, drying out or burning the food. Being able to maintain the exact desired atmosphere within the chamber also improves cooking time, energy usage and even taste.

Although the technology behind the combi oven is relatively new on the international restaurant scene, they have already taken a strong foothold in some of the most prestigious kitchens around the world.

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