Why Would Someone Need a Portable Washer?


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Some of the reasons a person would need a portable washer include not having enough space or the necessary connections for a traditional washer and wanting to avoid the expense of a laundromat. Portable washers are also easy to move and can be hidden away when more space is needed.

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Portable washers provide an affordable and time-saving alternative to weekly trips to the laundromat. As of 2015, electric portable washers can cost as little as $200. Some apartments and motor homes do not provide the space or intake and drainage outlets necessary to install a traditional washing machine. A portable washer can attach directly to a kitchen sink and be moved to another location after the laundry is finished. Portable washers also have a smaller capacity than traditional washers and use less water and electricity, making them more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate.

Energy costs on laundry can further be reduced by using the cold water and quick-wash options on portable machines. Some brands of portable washer, such as The Laundry Pod, require no electricity. This portable washer meets the cleaning needs of campers, boaters and other travelers who lack a reliable source of electricity. The Laundry Pod can wash and rinse 10 articles of clothing with only 3 gallons of water, which saves on water costs.

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