What would a sink drain diagram show?


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A sink drain diagram shows the order in which a strainer, strainer body, gasket, washer, locknut and tallpiece fit together. It may also map out where threaded couplings attach to a trap and where the trap connects to a slip-point coupling and escutcheon.

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Sink drain diagrams show how sinks and drain plumbing work. Diagrams map out how the sink hooks into the water supply system, and displays how the system supplies water to faucets and drain-waste-vent systems. Some diagrams can also demonstrate the function of a sink trap. A sink trap is a pipe that dips low and then climbs straight up to create an area where water stays at rest in the pipe, blocking off the airways through the pipe to prevent dangerous sewer gases from escaping from the pipe system.

Another sink diagram shows the entirety of a bathroom sink connecting to a wall and points out the locations of flexible supply tubes and the mechanical pop-up stopper, the clevis which connects them to the pivot rod, and how the pivot rod connects to the pipe at the bottom of the sink to form the sink drain. The diagram may also indicate the location of the shutoff valve, as operating a shutoff valve is recommended before working on plumbing repairs or upgrades.

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