Why Would a Maytag Fridge Stop Cooling?

Why Would a Maytag Fridge Stop Cooling?

Maytag refrigerators that stop cooling may have problems with dirty condenser coils, may be on the defrost mode or may simply not be receiving power. Placing a refrigerator in a hot environment may also affect its cooling function. If the doors are left open, if the refrigerator is overly full or if air vents are blocked, the refrigerator may also have problems cooling properly.

Refrigerators located in garages often have problems cooling. Refrigerators do not function properly if they are in locations with temperatures that drop below 55 degrees Fahrenheit or exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Condenser coils should be cleaned every two to three months if the refrigerator is located in a greasy or dusty environment. A home with many pets can create a dust problem due to the pet hair, leading to dirty condenser coils.

Lack of power or a power outage are other possible culprits for a refrigerator not cooling. Each refrigerator also has temperature controls and an on/off cooling button. While these controls are set to the proper settings when the refrigerator leaves the factory, they should be checked if the refrigerator stops cooling.

Most Maytag refrigerators defrost automatically. When the refrigerator is in a defrost cycle, its lights will come on when the door is opened, but nothing else about the refrigerator will appear to work. The defrost cycle should end within 30 minutes. Finally, refrigerators that have been installed recently typically take up to 24 hours to cool down to the correct temperature.