What Would Make a Clothes Dryer Have Black Dust in It and Stop Working?

Dryer rollers that have begun to break apart release black particles and cause the dryer to malfunction. Another possibility, in the case of gas dryers, is that the gas line has begun to accrue black soot, which eventually blocks the dryer vent and causes it to stop working.

Dryer rollers support the drum of the dryer and are usually encased in a black rubber. After years of consistent use, these rollers begin to break apart. This causes the dryer to cease functioning properly and release small flecks of rubber into the drum. The rollers can be accessed by taking off the front of the dryer. Beneath the drum is the metal shaft that holds the rollers in place. The rollers are attached to this shaft via a series of clips, washers and nuts that need to be removed and cleaned before installing new rollers.

Black powder is an inevitable occurrence in gas lines. It may be caused by the pipe manufacturing process, corrosion or rusting within the gas line itself. If this is the case, then the dryer vents should be checked for further evidence of the black powder. A clogged vent typically explains why the dryer is malfunctioning and not drying properly. If a homeowner suspects that the black powder is due to rusting or corrosion in the gas line, he should contact a repairman immediately.