What Would Be the Common Reasons the LG Dryer Is Failing to Heat?


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An electric LG dryer may fail to heat because of a malfunctioning heating element, high-limit thermostat or cycling thermostat. Gas dryers may fail to heat because of a defective ignitor, radiant flame sensor or gas control valve. Both gas and electric LG dryers stop heating when the thermal fuse blows.

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The heating element of an electric dryer consists of a coil of heating wire encased by metal and is accessed by removing either the front or rear panel of the dryer. The cycling thermostat controls the temperature inside the dryer drum and is usually located on the blower housing. If either of these parts fails to produce continuity when tested with a multi-meter, it needs to be replaced. The high-limit thermostat is located on the heating chamber and fails when the exhaust system becomes blocked. If it fails to product continuity when tested with a multi-meter, the thermostat needs replacement, and the exhaust system blockage needs to be cleared.

The ignitor lights the gas released by the gas valve. It is either coil shaped or flat and is located near gas valve burner tube. The radiant flame sensor detects heat from and is adjacent to the ignitor. Continuity for each part is assessed using a multi-meter and the defective parts is replaced as needed. The gas control valve releases gas into the burner and is located near the ignitor. The valve may be defective if the ignitor glows but shuts off without producing a flame.

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