What Would Cause a Little Buddy Heater to Not Light?

There could be several reasons why a Little Buddy heater isn’t lighting, including a blocked pilot tube or an empty propane tank. Some troubleshooting needs to be done to determine the proper steps to take.

An empty propane tank can prevent the pilot flame from lighting or cause it to gradually go out after it is lit. Replacing the tank with a full one should solve the issue. If the igniter is not sparking at all, it could be a broken electrode, which requires replacing the pilot assembly, or it could be a defective igniter, which can be fixed with a new control valve.

If the igniter sparks but the pilot doesn’t light or goes out after the control knob is released, the problem could be a blocked pilot tube. It can be cleared with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Needles or thin wires should not be used to avoid damaging the gas flow mechanism. Other issues that could prevent the pilot from lighting include a defective regulator or not completely pushing in the on button.

Failing to hold the on button long enough could cause the pilot light to go out after it is lit. To ensure the pilot stays lit, the button should be depressed for 30 to 60 seconds