Why Would I Buy a Crosley Refrigerator?

Reasons for buying a Crosley refrigerator include wanting to have appliances from a major brand that combine quality, innovation and value as well as the coverage of a 10-year extended warranty that comes with all Crosley appliances. Crosley's nationwide network of sales and service specialists also simplifies purchasing and maintenance.

Crosley refrigerators incorporate many modern features that can help make storing and preparing foods easier. Integrated water filters and in-door water or ice dispensers available in some refrigerators simplify the process of getting fresh water and ice for beverages or use in recipes. Many models also include gallon-sized door bins to hold bottles of drinks or sauces. Spill-safe glass shelves are available on some models.

The Crosley 10-year limited extended warranty works along with the manufacturer's warranty to cover the compressor of a Crosley refrigerator in case of failure. This warranty ensures buyers receive a replacement component of the same or similar quality to what is available in the manufacturer's warranty any time within 10 years of the initial purchase. The Crosley limited extended warranty applies to breakage or malfunction of the component during regular use in the home, providing added peace of mind for buyers as well as protection against defects or material flaws.