Why Would a Bunn Coffee Maker Be Leaking?


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A Bunn coffeemaker may leak because of improper maintenance, mineral deposits, or normal wear and tear, the manufacturer's website states. Seals and gaskets break down over time, which can lead to leaks. Routine cleaning and maintenance keeps mineral deposits from forming and clogging the coffeemaker.

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Several leaking issues are connected to particular coffeemaker models, Bunn says. The Velocity Brew 10-cup model, for instance, can leak if water is left in the top water tray overnight. Phase Brew models may leak because of accumulated mineral deposits clogging the pour-in bowl. Cleaning the coffeemaker resolves this problem. The Trifecta MB may leak from the brew chamber. If so, Bunn suggests cleaning oils and coffee particles from the brew chamber check valve.

Coffeemakers should be cleaned at least every three months, the Bunn website recommends. Cleaning removes mineral deposits that can not only cause leaks and poor performance but also shorten the life of the coffeemaker. Owners who live in regions with a heavy mineral content in the water should clean the coffeemaker more frequently. The Bunn website features a number of videos that show how to clean specific coffeemaker models.

If the coffeemaker leaks or fails despite routine care, Bunn's website states that the coffeemakers do have a two- or three-year warranty. The length of the warranty period depends on the coffeemaker model.

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