How Is Wool Fabric Made?

wool-fabric-made Credit: Gary Ombler/Dorling Kindserley/Getty Images

According to Blackberry Ridge, the process of making wool fabric begins with sheering the wool off the sheep. After this, the wool is cleaned, combed into individual fibers and then spun into yarn or thread. The yarn or thread is then woven into fabric, which is then stretched to make it more flexible and wearable.

My Learning describes the process of turning wool into fabric in detail. As soon as the wool has been removed from the sheep, it is graded to determine the quality of the fibers, and fleeces of the same grade are packed together. These sorted fleeces are then cleaned by a process called scouring, in which ammonia is used to break down the grease and dirt in the wool. The clean wool is then carded, which means that it is teased apart by little teeth on rotating cylinders. This separates the fibers so that they can then be combed into straight, parallel rows. Next, the longest fibers are wound into a ball, known as a top, before being spun into a long, continuous yarn or thread. The final step in creating the fabric is to weave the yarn on a loom or using modern machinery. The only steps that remain are those that finish the fabric, such as stretching it or teasing it to create a fluffy finish.