What Are Some Wooden Patio Deck Ideas?


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Wooden patio deck ideas include built-in seating, rooftop oasis, staggered levels, wide stairs and shady pergolas. Wooden patio decks can incorporate multiple elements to suit the homeowner's needs for the area.

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When building a deck, think about how it is going to be used. Homeowners want to take a look at plenty of ideas for inspiration.

  • Built-in seating: A deck with built-in benches along the walls provides plenty of room for everyone to sit.
  • Rooftop oasis: In the city or a lot with no yard space, turn the roof top into a nice outside space.
  • Staggered levels: Create a large deck with multiple levels for an impressive back yard. Each level can have a different purpose from seating to grilling to a potted garden area.
  • Wide stairs:A small deck with a few wide, deep stairs that descend to the patio adds some visual interest. The stairs can also serve as a place to put decorative items and potted plants.
  • Shady pergolas: Build a pergola roof over a deck in a yard that lacks shade providing trees. The pergola provides some cover without completely blocking the sun.
  • Multi-Tone Designs: Make a simple deck interesting by creating a multi-tone design. Stain the deck in different shades for a geometric pattern, or alternate decking in different shades.
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