Where Does Wood Come From?

Wood comes from trees and, to a lesser extent, other woody plants. Wood is harvested from forests and tree farms around the world and is used to produce a variety of products, including lumber, paper, flooring, artwork and fencing.

Wood is one of the Earth's most valuable renewable resources due to its versatility and durability. Most commercially available wood is sourced from the United States, Canada, China, Russia and Brazil. Some of the most popular types of wood include mahogany, oak, walnut, redwood and pine.

Many lumber makers own land designated for tree farming, which is made up of fast-growing species of trees. More expensive types of lumber come from trees that require a longer life cycle in order to be profitable once felled and processed.

Oak is the most commonly grown and used hardwood, with over 60 species of oak growing in the United States alone. Mahogany is a hardwood grown in South America, Central America and in parts of Asia, including the Philippines.

There are over 100 species of softwood pine that grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere. One of the most recognizable softwoods is the redwood. Redwood trees grow in the Pacific region of the United States and are renowned for their size, with many reaching heights of 300 feet.