How Do You Get Free Wood Chips?

How Do You Get Free Wood Chips?

Local tree companies, such as those that work for the utility companies, often have wood chips. Arborists and logging companies often have leftover wood that has been chipped. A resident may call and inform the tree company that it can dump chips at a home or business.

Some communities offer dump sites for wood chips. These sites allow local residents to come pick up free wood chips. Call your local city maintenance department, or check its website to ask about where you can pick up chips. Local tree services may be able to help you locate sources of free chips, and they sometimes have information about local dump sites.

Parks and recreation services departments sometimes have free chips available. allows people to sign up for a database that sends their info to local tree companies, landscape crews and others that sometimes have free chips. is free to use and also allows visitors to sign up for free wood chip deliveries.

Sawmills sometimes have wood chips. Utility companies have crews that maintain power lines, and the crews sometimes create piles of wood chips through their work. Your local utility company may add you to a list if you call it.

Tree organizations, such as the Sacramento Tree Foundation, may also offer free wood chips.